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AI in colonoscopy (GI Genius)

Genius Academy

A virtual community that provides relevant and reliable education on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in gastroenterology 

GI Genius

The GI Genius (TM) module is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing colonoscopy equipment and workflow. It works in real-time, automatically identifying and marking abnormalities consistent with colorectal polyps, including those with flat (non-polypoid) morphology.

GI Medical Education

Discover available training solutions to increase your skills and knowledge in colorectal disease


Nexpowder is a newly developed endoscopic hemostatic powder generating gelation effect on a bleeding focus.

Pillcam (TM)

The PillCam (TM) capsule endoscopy platform enables comprehensive GI tract imaging and supports you in providing
the very best care.

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