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Duette Band Ligation

Band ligation-assisted endoscopic mucosal resection in the UGI tract.

Used for endoscopic mucosal resection in the UGI tract. The snare component is supplied sterile, and the banding component is supplied nonsterile. This product is intended for single use only.

EchoTip Insight

The EchoTip Insight system allows endoscopists to directly measure portal pressure under endoscopicultrasound (EUS). A new, minimally invasive procedure which now allows for comprehensive liver assessments through endoscopy procedures.

Evolution Self-Expanding Stent Family

Evolution gives you the ability to deliver stents with more control and less stress. Now, no matter where you are stenting in the GI tract, you can focus even more on patient outcomes.


Hemospray is an inert mineral powder developed for endoscopic hemostasis which contains no human or animal proteins or botanicals and has no known allergens.

Instinct Mini Loop Endoscopic Clip

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