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BioVac® direct suction device

The BioVac direct suction device is designed to suction hard-to-remove, viscous materials, like gelatinous blood and stringy clots, which may otherwise clog the control head of the endoscope. The BioVac device is unique in that it allows for direct visualization during cleansing and evacuation by empowering the endoscope’s own suction capabilities.

CoinTip Snare

The CoinTip snare features a dynamic braided wire configuration with a coined distal tip supporting hot and cold cutting capabilities specifically for complex polypectomies like endoscopic mucosal resection.

eTrap® polyp trap

Allows for quick and accurate retrieval of multiple specimens, while safeguarding clinicians from unnecessary exposure to biomaterials.

Exacto® cold snare

Clinically proven to achieve a significantly higher rate of complete resection, the design of the Exacto cold snare offers control and placement for a precise, clean cut when compared to traditional braided snares.

Histolock® resection device

The Histolock resection device features a stiff monofilament wire to help recruit and resect flat tissue during complex polypectomy procedures.

Injection Therapy Solutions

STERIS Endoscopy offers the world-renowned Carr-Lock injection needle and the ArticulatorTM needle – both dependable solutions for your injection therapy needs including saline assisted polypectomy, esophageal varices and tattooing.

iSnare® system

The iSnare system is a family of multi-functional devices ideal for reducing procedure time by minimizing device exchanges and aiding in clinical outcomes during submucosal injection polypectomy procedures.

Lariat® snare

The multi-functional design of the Lariat snare helps address a variety of resection needs including piecemeal resection and multiple polyps.

Padlock Clip® defect closure system

The Padlock Clip defect closure system facilitates fast and effective full circumferential tissue closure.

Product Categories

Reveal® distal attachment cap

The Reveal distal attachment cap is designed to facilitate the endoscope’s view during polypectomy procedures.

Roth Net® retrievers

From capturing large polyps to securing multiple polyp fragments, the Roth Net retriever is a device you can count on for consistent performance.

SmartBand® multi-band ligation system

The SmartBand multi-band ligation system is used to endoscopically ligate esophageal varices at or above the gastroesophageal junction and to ligate internal hemorrhoids.

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