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AXS_tome Sphincterotome

The AXS_tome from Medwork provides gentle probing due to
micro-tip design, anatomical 3-D orientation and precision control

  • Anatomical 3-D orientation —> for ease of cannulation
  • Atraumatic micro tip —> for gentle probing 
  • 2-in-1 long and short wire system with O-channel —>
    for safe guidewire exchange and no reflux of fluids and gas through the
    catheter after splitting
  • Compacted Wire Technology —> for a clean cut due to
    high-energy density and low thermal input 

EUSRA (EUS-guided Radiofrequency Ablation)

The EUSRA (EUS-guided radiofrequency ablation) system from TaeWoong Medical provides safe ablative treatment for unresectable pancreatic

  • Easy approaching the target lesion with great pushability
    of the needle
  • Good echogenicity for a safe procedure under EUS
  • Inner cooling system making it possible to ablate a
    large volume 
    of tissue
    without charring

VIVA Combo Generator

  • The VIVA Combo™ RF System is compact and easy-to-use.
    It’s specially 
    designed to
    help users to create a predictable ablation zone safely
  • Continuance Mode for EUSRA™ - the RF power output is
    generated continuously 
    with the
    setting value until the impedance value reaches 800 ohms
    cools the active tip of the needle, inducing a larger volume of t
    eliminating tissue charring

Giobor Stent

The TaeWoong Niti-S Medical Giobor stent is designed for malignant biliary obstructions with EUS hepaticogastrostomy drainage

Partially covered design

  • The long covered portion (70%) - prevents
    bile leakage between the left hepatic duct and the stomach
  • The bare portion (30%) - prevents migration and avoids blockages of the side branches in the
    hepatic duct

flared end

  •  Flared
    end is located out of stomach wall preventing migration in the left intrahepatic

GPS Guide wire

The GPS Wire from Medwork
provides precise exploration, stable instrument guidance and a smooth
transition between tip and coating

  • Soft atraumatic tip with hydrophilic coating —> for
    gentle intrahaepatic exploration 
  • Strong core for stable instrument guidance —>
    reliable support for stenting
  • Short-segment transition from soft tip to thick core
    —> no need to insert too much wire length into the bile ducts to gain
    stenting support 
  • Radiopaque straight and angled tips —> for improved
    visibility and better guidance 


Kaffes Stent

The TaeWoong Medical Niti-S Kaffes stent has been designed for anastomotic strictures after liver transplantation.

  • Characteristic waist at mid portion of the stent allows
    strong radial 
    force and
    significantly reduces the risk of migration
  • Short length of the stent minimises the potential risk
    of necrosis and 
  • Long platinum radiopaque retrieval string provides
    easy removal from 
    high up in the
  • Stent diameters 6mm – 10mm

  • Stent lengths 4cm – 8cm


PuraStat from 3–D Matrix is a novel,
peptide-based haemostat

• Synthetic peptide

• Biocompatible

• Ready-to-use, no preparation required

• Physical barrier to stop bleeding

Easy-to-use material:

• Slightly viscous solution suitable for
endoscopic/laparoscopic use

• Transparent and soft

• PuraStat does not obstruct the applicator


PuraStat is a slightly viscous solution of synthetic

Contact between PuraStat and blood causes the acidic
peptide solution to be neutralized and exposed to ions, resulting in the
formation of ß-sheets that then form a 3-dimensional scaffold structure.

PuraStat provides a physical barrier to stop bleeding in
a variety of surgical indications


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