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APC Applicator

The APCapplicator is an electrosurgical multi-talent. In addition to “straight” non-contact argon plasma
coagulation, other electrosurgical options are integrated in the handle: cutting and coagulation with spatula or needle electrode. With or without argon support as desired.

The great advantages of the APCapplicator

  • Convenient activation of all functions with one hand
  • Light-weight practical handle with excellent haptics*
  • ReMode function: users can switch between programs in succession from the operating table
  • Instrument detection: insert the APCapplicator and start working (plug and operate)
  • Sterile single-use product: immediate OR availability, no reprocessing effort required
  • Filter is integrated into the connection plug*

FiAPC Probe

For the use of APC in Gastrointestinal Tract, we recommend the FiAPC® probe – the probe with the integrated membrane filter.

Hybrid APC

Argon plasma coagulation
with the user-friendly VIO®3

The benefits of the logical and intuitive VIO® 3 interface are now also available
with APC 3. As your stepGUIDE, the interface guides you through each menu,
suggesting experienced starting settings for APC applications. 

Our APC 3 modes support the full range of APC applications. In addition, the APC 3
facilitates argon-supported cutting, and you can also benefit from the new options
offered by our proprietary hybrid technologies – APC combined with our electrosurgical or waterjet technology.


We have shaped electrosurgery, developing it
into today’s leading edge operating room
technology. This has
made us an essential
and reliable partner for
many users. VIO® 3 is yet
another of our milestones
in technology, following
the ICC unit series and
VIO® 300/200. Utilize the
innovative advantages
the VIO® 3 has to offer.

With its logical and
intuitive interface, the
VIO® 3 is designed to
ensure optimal user friendliness. The size of
the touchscreen display
alone speaks for itself, from the operating field,
the surgeon always
has a clear view of all
control elements. As
your step GUIDE, VIO® 3
provides guidance by
suggesting experienced
starting settings used
in various clinical
applications. This results
in less setting adjustment
or modifications. 

VIO® 3 has the right mode for
your application, supporting
monopolar and bipolar techniques
and our proprietary hybrid
technology – a combination of
different technology.

Our modes are regulated to a constant voltage level continually adapting output
power to changing parameters to achieve reproducible tissue effects. Fine adjustment
has never been easier, simply by selecting an effect. You can choose from 19 finely adjustable CUT and COAG modes.

You can plug standard instruments into any universal socket reducing risk of confusion.
Use up to 6 instruments of your choice (including APC) in accordance with your procedure.
The connection options offered by VIO® 3 support a larger number instrument combination.
Each socket supports the AUTO START function for bipolar instruments.

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