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90i Series Video Gastroscopes

The PENTAX Medical 90i Series is comprised of reliable, HD+ megapixel resolution endoscopes. Their proven ergonomic design is a procedure-tested platform. The 90i Series HD+ megapixel resolution imaging, when combined with the EPK-i Series processors, provides high-quality visualization for both routine and advanced procedures at an excellent value.

Excellent HD+ megapixel resolution image quality

In 90i Series endoscopes, megapixel HD+ megapixel resolution technology together with optimal illumination provides image clarity which may help to effectively visualize mucosal details.

G‑EYE™ Video Endoscope

The G-EYE™ HD+ endoscope is intended for the optical visualization, diagnosis and endoscopic treatment in the gastrointestinal tract. It is also intended for complete positioning of the endoscope in the gastrointestinal tract. The G-EYE™ HD+ endoscope combined with the disposable AB (Advancing Balloon) applied through the instrument channel, provides an ultimate assembly for performing deep and small intestine two-balloon endoscopy.

The G-EYE™ HD+ endoscope as well as the AB devices are controlled simultaneously by the SPARK2C inflation system.

HD+ Video Gastroscope EG34‑i10

The PENTAX Medical EG34-i10 Video Gastroscope is designed for endoscopists looking to perform advanced therapeutic procedures. The HD+ with CloseFocus™ in combination with i-scan imaging offers diagnostic capabilities which may help to detect and characterize lesions and define their margins.

i10 Series Video Gastroscopes

The i10 Series brings the latest high-tech, high-efficiency solutions to routine upper gastrointestinal tract procedures. HD+ megapixel resolution imaging provides detailed, clear images, and Close Focus technology enhances mucosal detail. The EG29-i10 features improved suction and therapeutic access with a new, large 3.2 mm instrument channel and forward water jet. Combined with the improved ergonomic design of the control body and shortened distal-end, the features of i10-Series gastroscopes can help physicians perform procedures efficiently and accurately.

Outstanding HD+ megapixel resolution imaging, improved visualization of mucosal detail

The i10 Series brings enhanced second-generation, HD+ megapixel resolution imaging to upper GI scopes for enhanced clarity and visualization of mucosal detail. The i10 gastroscopes also utilize Close Focus technology to visualize fine mucosal detail in the near field which may help diagnose and treat patients accurately and efficiently.

MagniView EG‑2990Zi Video Gastroscope

The PENTAX Medical EG-2990Zi and EC-3890Zi MagniView endoscopes combine enhanced HD+ megapixel resolution imaging with magnification capabilities that allow physicians to visualize detailed mucosal surface structure, contributing to a step forward in characterization. These magnification endoscopes can improve visualization in a wide range of procedures and feature the same outside diameter as standard diagnostic endoscopes.

Powerful magnification

The MagniView Series offers 136 times optical magnification that enables physicians to visualize detailed mucosal surface structure.

OPTIVISTA EPK‑i7010 High‑Definition Video Processor

Enlighten Your Perspectives
The new premium solution for advanced endoscopy

The success of a procedure can hinge on your ability to clearly visualize the epithelial surface pit-pattern and vascular pattern. In addition to the already established i-scan modes, the OPTIVISTA now features i-scan OE (Optical Enhancement), creating a very unique platform where both digital and optical enhancements are available. This unique combination provides extra information for a more accurate in vivo diagnosis through improved vessel and mucosal pattern characterization.

The new PENTAX Medical OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 video processor, together with the latest i10 HD+ endoscopes series, or with the MagniView, optical zoom endoscopes, provides our best image ever. Where you are performing a routine procedure or a complex intervention, the EPK-i7010 can help you to achieve the best clinical outcomes.

SCOPEPILOT ‑ The next generation 3D colon navigation system

True 3D and responsive representation

SCOPEPILOT NCU-7000 is the next generation Navigation system technology by PENTAX Medical designed to provide a true 3D live representation
of the colonoscope shape and position inside the patient's bowel tract.
SCOPEPILOT provides pinpoint navigation and differentiation of the IFT segments for an efficient, safe and comfortable procedure.
With true 3D representation of the endoscope and crisp image quality, SCOPEPILOT supports accurate scope tracking, loop management and caecum intubation rate increasing the patient compliance and level of satisfaction

Transnasal EG16‑K10 Video Gastroscope

The EG16-K10 is designed to provide excellent image quality and handling with a slim distal-end design that may improve patient comfort and expand clinical applications.

Latest technology in endoscopic imaging

The EG16-K10 incorporates the latest imaging sensors for uncompromised image clarity.
The EG16-K10 also has a 140-degree field of view that improves exam efficiency by allowing physicians to see more tissue without maneuvering the scope.

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