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London Live Endoscopy Cutting Edge: Portal Pressure Measurement using the Cook Echotip Insight

Prof van der Merwe demonstrates a novel EUS based device from Cook to measure portal pressures

London Live Endoscopy Top Tips - Throat Spray

Dr Bu Hayee gives a fantastic insight in how to give throat spray properly!

London Live Endoscopy Insights: qFIT testing

Dr Ed Seward talks us through qFIT - its uses, implications and potential in the era of COVID.

London Live Endoscopy Top Tips: Electrocautery

Dr Ian Penman of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary talks us through how to set up for your electrocautery machine properly

London Live Endoscopy Top Tips: ERCP - deploying biliary SEMS & difficult cannulation

Dr Jeanin van Hooft of the Amsterdam Medical Centre shares her top tips on performing two integral ERCP skills well

London Live Endoscopy Insights: Nasoendoscopy

Dr Edward Despott talks us through the exciting prospect of nasoendoscopy

London Live Endoscopy Insights: Cytosponge

Dr Vinay Sehgal talks us through the exciting prospect of cytosponge in the screening for oesophageal cancer

London Live Endoscopy Insights: LGI - Training and Performing Colonic ESD

In the run up to London Live Endoscopy 2020, Dr Roser Vega of University College London Hospital tells us about her experience in training in colonic ESD and describes the

London Endoscopy Top Tips: Surgically Altered Anatomy

A quick tutorial on what to consider in the patient who has undergone UGI surgery

Endoscopy Cutting Edge: Percutaneous Cholangioscopy with SpyGlass Discover

Dr George Webster demonstrates the use of Spyglass Discover for percutaneous cholangioscopy.

London Live Endoscopy Top Tips: Percutaneous SpyGlass Cholangioscopy

An instructional video on how to set up for percutaneous SpyGlass Cholangioscopy

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