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CADDIE is Odin
Vision’s cloud-based AI system that supports clinicians to detect and
characterise colorectal polyps in real-time during colonoscopy procedures.
Additionally, it supports AI caecum confirmation and AI bowel preparation
scoring Better early detection leads to reduced cancer incidence (1% increase
in polyp detection leads to a 3% decrease in cancer risk). Optical diagnosis
supported by AI polyp characterisation means patients receive results
immediately and histopathology may be replaced.

CADDIE takes the
video feed from the endoscopy image processor and returns information overlaid
on the feed in real time.


CADU supports doctors in upper GI procedures. It
analyses regions visually consistent with Barrett’s oesophagus and provides
information to aid the user to identify the tissue as dysplastic or
non-dysplastic. Our AI system enhances endoscopists’
decision making and reduces the time it takes to inspect the oesophagus,
proving to be time and cost effective. Odin’s unique cloud deployment means our
technology can be available to all hospitals large and small, making it
accessible to all users and patients.

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